HAVE YOUR OWN BAG ? WE ARE HAPPY TO COLLECT THAT TOO    £45 + VAT First bag £45 + Vat Multiple bag collection £40 + VAT per bag, All bags must be from the same location to qualify for this discount. Your bag must be in good condition and suitable for crane lifting. Please read our "Acceptable waste" before ordering   


This is only a short list of the most common items that we take.Please call to confirm any particular item Any items not listed are not allowed unless agreed with the collection team. 
furniture, bed & mattresses, boilers, carpets, computers, laptops, printers, concrete cooker, washing machine, sheds, desks, garden trimmings, garden shed, filing cabinets, greenhouses, lawnmowers, photocopiers, musical instruments, radiators, metal, soil, hardcore, green waste, wood, paper, cardboard, polythene, plastics 
Unfortunately we are not able to take the items listed here. If you are unsure, please call us to double check. 
asbestos, biological or medical waste, helium or oxygen gas bottles, toxic substances, noxious chemicals, paint (unless empty) 
Extra cost items (supplementary fees) (price incl. vat) these items require special processing. 
Saturday collections £12.00 
computer monitor/tv £12.00  
household fridge/freezer/air con unit * £14.00 
commercial fridge/freezer/chiller * £70 
vehicle tyre £4 
fluorescent lighting tubes £2 
gas bottles £12 
commercial weee charge per load- £25 tractor/lorry tyre £25